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Our Functional Skills courses are designed to give learners transferable skills in ICT. They will help you to function confidently, effectively and independently in your work and life in general. Functional Skills courses at STC are usually embedded into other programmes of study rather than taught as standalone qualifications, ensuring that they are industry relevant and useful in the context of the course or apprenticeship you are taking. However, ICT is also available as a standalone course.


  Why do this course?


  What will I learn?


  Key Information

Develop your confidence in ICT

Learn to function independently in the workplace

Become more employable and out yourself ahead of the competition - employers are increasingly looking for people with good ICT skills

Have better opportunities to apply for higher paid jobs and seek promotion within the workplace

Refresh knowledge, particularly if you have been out of the workplace for some time

Be able to search for and apply for jobs online

Become socially included and communicate effectively using ICT

Access world wide web resources, saving time by being able to use effective search techniques

Be more efficient at work by using software applications for every day tasks, calculations, budgets, invoice writing etc.

Keep your information and data secure, protecting and safeguarding your customers as well as your personal security

Have fun

Achieve a qualification that is recognised and highly valued by employers

At level 2 you will learn how to:

Plan solutions to complex tasks by analysing the necessary stages

Select, interact with and use ICT systems safely and securely for a complex task in non - routine and unfamiliar contexts

Manage information storage to enable efficient retrieval

Use appropriate search techniques to locate and select relevant information

Select information from a variety of ICT sources to meet the requirements of a complex task

Enter, develop and refine information using appropriate software to meet the requirements of
a complex task

Use appropriate software to meet requirements of a complex data handling task

Use communications software to meet the requirements of a complex task

Combine and present information in ways that are fit for purpose and audience

Evaluate the selection, use and effectiveness of ICT tools and facilities used to present information

GLH: 45

Job Sector: Applicable to all vocational training areas

Location: Harold Wood

Cost: usually delivered as part of other programme

Funded Option: Advanced Learner Loan

Accreditation: Level 2 qualification in Functional Skills ICT

Awarding Body: NOCN


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