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levy paying employer calculating the levyIf you’re an employer with a pay bill over £3m each year, you must pay the apprenticeship levy from 6 April 2017. It will be payable by employers in the UK at the rate of 0.5% of the payroll cost through PAYE alongside Income Tax and National Insurance.

The levy will not affect the way you fund training for apprentices who started an apprenticeship programme before 1 May 2017. You’ll need to carry on funding training for these apprentices under the terms and conditions that were in place at the time the apprenticeship started.

Employers who aren’t connected to another company or charity will have an Apprenticeship Levy allowance of £15,000 each year.

The allowance reduces the amount of Apprenticeship Levy you have to pay by £15,000 across the year. This means that only employers with an annual pay bill of more than £3 million will pay the levy.

STC can support you through our Apprenticeship Levy Service in the following areas:


We will provide your business with a free of charge Project Manager to help you manage, implement and maximise your Apprenticeship Levy. They will help you assess the learning opportunities within your business and advise you on how best to maximise your Levy return on investment. Our Project Manager will also manage on your behalf, other providers you wish to work with, who have specific delivery capabilities.


You will receive regular updates regarding the sector and any legislation or Levy issues that may impact on your business. You will receive email updates on a regular basis as well as constant communications from your Project Manager.


A free of charge learner management platform will be available to you to track the progress of all of your Apprentices. This IT based management information platform has been specifically created for you to track how your staff are progressing with their training.


We have proven success with our Apprenticeship delivery. We deliver the highest quality training and assessment so you can rest assured that you and your employees will receive the highest standard of education and apprenticeship support.


We will utilise our vast expertise and experience of the recruitment industry to provide you with a whole business recruitment solution for specific campaigns.


We have built excellent working relationships with several specialist training providers/ colleges/ universities to provide continual professional development and degree Apprenticeships for Management Development and Graduate Development. All of this will be built into your plan and we will support the introduction or mapping of any such activities.


There will be annual reviews led by external, independent consultants scheduled with your business to ensure we are providing you with the best quality service.


The Project Manager will work closely with you to develop new Apprenticeship Standards that will be required over time. These Standards will ensure your Apprentices are learning the skills and knowledge your business requires them to know so they are adding the most value.


We will work with you to optimise co-funding opportunities and to ensure your Levy contributions are utilised fully. We will map your current training budget fully to the new funding bands and relevant standards and provide you with a monthly summary of spend against forecast training plans.

For further information about Apprenticeships and Levy, see our FAQ section, and if you require advice or guidance regarding the Levy payment please contact STC.



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